Communicating with Actors

Tools for communicating on the go.

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First of all I'm a trained Actor. I went to graduate school twice (MA & MFA) for acting. I'm also an Acting Coach. Communicating wtih Directors and other Actors is very much a part of my training and what I do a lot of.

A book I came across years ago was "The Actors Thersaurus." If you've taken any kind of acting class, you may have been told or asked to 'verb' your beats/lines. This little book I have found VERY helpful over the years as a tool for me to use when communicating with Actors to achieve what I was wanting to bring of them and their performance.


Words can be powerful. They can also have various meanings to all of us. When one hears the word "moist" for example, I've had some people not care at all, and others who detest it. (Don't worry, I wont use that word again in this blog.)

Hence why I recommend that Actors, Directors, Staged Intimacy Professionals, and even Fight & Dance Choreographers get a copy of "Actions: The Actor's Thesaurus." You can purchase your copy here.

It's a small book one can easily take with them anywhere. At this time it doesn't come in a digital format, paper copy only. Personally, I prefer that as it's easier to flip through the various words and suggestions to find the one that works best in the moment.

There are no definitions, only a list of other words that are similar to the one you've looked up. So if English is not your first language, or you prefer to have a supportive text, I recommend getting a pocket copy of Merriam-Webster's Dictionary (you can get a copy here) OR Merriam-Webster's Everyday Language Reference set. The latter includes a Dictionary, Thesaurus, and a Vocabulary Builder. (You can purchase that set here.)