• Hi! I'm Amelia a multi-hyphnate artist. I'm an Actor, Theatre Educator, Acting Coach, Intimacy Director, and Intimacy Coordinator.


    How did I become all of those things? Here's the quick answer - I began my journey in the arts as an Actor. I always knew I had a desire to to supportive of other Actors, and that's how I got into becoming an acing teacher and coach.


    From my own experiences as a student, an Actor, and as a teacher I connected with what it takes to be an Intimacy Director and Coordinator. Informed consent and boundaries are very helpful, especially for Actors who are embodying the characters they play.


    One thing I feel very strongly about is that it's important to support the Actor(s) where they’re at. To be able to help them tell the story as best as possible.


    You can check out my C/V here if you'd like to learn more about my training and education.
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  • Let's Connect

    Connct with me via email or on Instagram @intimacy_amelia

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