• Amelia Morse, 

    MA & MFA

    I began acting at a young age, but it wasn't until I was in college that I really fell in love with the craft of acting.


    "Without theater, I don't think I would have thought I was a smart person or excelled at anything."

    - Audra McDonald


    This quote resonates with me as I'm sure it does with many others. We may have seemed like outcasts or nerds, but theatre was the place we could let our minds be free. I love how theatre allows to take audiences with us to magical lands, learn about other people, and leave our troubles at the door for a little bit of time.




    Before I moved to Colorado, I taught Acting to non-Theatre majors for four years at the University of Southern Indiana. I loved it and it taught me a lot. It was here I developed my system for helping Actors find monologues that they enjoy performing.


    I founded my own acting studio because I wanted to be able to work with more Actors outside of academia. The Morse Actors Studio was officially founded in July 2019.


    Aside from working with actors in my acting studio, I also work at a Theatrical Intimacy Director in northern Colorado. I bring the practices of consent into all my practices.


    I currently reside in northern Colorado with my family. When I'm not on the stage, teaching or directing, you can find me in the mountains. I enjoy typical Colorado things - biking, fishing, hiking, and camping. These are things I have had in an interested in ever since I was a little girl living in Southern Illinois.


    I also enjoy attending local live theatre, reading Actor Memoirs, and being involved in my community.


    My pronouns are she, her, hers.