• Workshops and Panel Discussions

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    Public Speaking

    As a Public Speaker myself, I know it can be intimidating. Whether it be in-person or digital platforms like Zoom, YouTube, or Instagram/Facebook Lives.


    That is why I have a variety of workshops to help folks better navigate those spaces (in-person and digital) and understand how to do do within their own boundaries.


    Workshop Topics

    • Speak with Authenticity - Public Speaking 101.
    • Digital Public Speaking with Boundaries - Presenting in digital spaces.
    • Your Audience and You - Understanding Your Audience Better.

    Workshops can be presented in-person or via Zoom. Rates vary. Email me for more information.

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    Acting & Theatre

    Whether you're a theatre company or any company wanting to learn how theatre techniques can help your organization improve.


    Workshop Topics

    • Improve with Improv - Team Building *
    • The Character in Me - Interrelatioships and Communication
    • Audition Prep *^
    • Callbacks Best Practices and Tips *^


    Workshops can be presented strictly in-person. Rates vary. Email me for more information.


    *For Actors and Directors/Producers

    ^Can cover straight plays and/or musical theatre.

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    Intimacy Directing and Intimacy Coordinating

    Are you curious about what an Intimacy Director/Coordinator does? Would you like to learn more about how one could help make your show better?


    Book me for one of the following to help your Board, Actors, and anyone else involved have a better idea of how an Intimacy Director/Coordinator can help you with your next production.


    Workshop Topics

    • A Slice of Intimacy - Introduction to Intimacy *
    • Consent and Boundaries for the Actor
    • Intimacy for Community Theatre
    • Working with an Intimacy Professional *
    • Your Child/Student and Intimacy Directing/Coordinating


    Workshops can be presented in-person or via Zoom. Rates vary. Email me for more information.


    *Can be structed for Theatre or Film.

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