Intimacy Books for Beginners

Resources to get you started and support you on your journey as a Staged Intimacy Professional.

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I highly recommend these books for Staged Intimacy Professionals, Actors, Directors, Acting/Theatre Teachers, Stage Managers, and Producers to read. These books can help people in these roles familiarize themselves with the role of Staged Intimacy - Intimacy Director or Intimacy Coordinator. These books also great for Staged Intimacy Profesionals for their own professional developement.

These books are NOT a substitute for formal training. Training is important. Reading these books do support your journey training as an Intimacy Professional. Below are a list of books I recommend that are relate directly to Stage Intimacy for both theatre and film.

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This is the very first book written by co-founder of Theatrical Intimacy Education. It's a great book for beginnger Intimacy Professionals, Acting/Theatre Teachers, Directors, Stage Managers, and even Actors.

It gives the basics of Staging Intimacy. It can help you learn deloaded and desexualized language, basic ingrediants, and pre-production, production, and post-production notes. It also share some basic ingrediants for staging and choreographing moments of intimacy on stage and screen.

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This is an excellent resource for Actors, Acting/ Theatre Teachers, Directors, and Producers. This book is a series of essays from theatre/intimacy professionals sharing their perspective on intimacy through the lense of race, gender, sexuality, etc. and the impacts it can have on Actors.

I highly recommend this book along with Staging Sex as one of the first books you read (and reread) as part of your Intimacy Professional experience.

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This book is written for film, but in my opinion is great for theatre intimacy professionals as well. It offers good insights for Actors, Directors, and Producers when dealing with intimacy and nudity.

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The Intimacy Coordinator's Guidebook: Specialities for Stage and Screen Edited by Brooke M. Haney

This book is an excellent resource for giving a taste of what it is to be a Staged Intimacy Professional. If you are looking for tips on choreography, this does not have it. What it does have it professionals in Intimacy that shared their own experiences, opinoins, and words of wisdome for future Staged Intimacy Professionals.

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