What is a Stage Intimacy Professional?

· Intimacy Director,Intimacy Coordinator,Intimacy Choreographer,Staged Intimacy Professional

What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” William Shakespeare

We have a variety of names - Intimacy Director, Intimacy Choreographer, Intimacy Coordinator, Intimacy Consultant, and Stage Intimacy Professional.

What do they all mean? When do we use them? Where are they used? Why so many different titles to do the same job?

Let's start with the first one - Intimacy Director. This is the title used for a person who stages/choreographs intimacy in theatre and/or live performance. Sometimes they are referred to as Intimacy Choreographers. Neither is superior to the other. It can be a matter or preference. Both involve actually choreographing intmacy for theatre and/or live performance.

Intimacy Coordinator is the name used for someone who choreographs intmacy in Film and/or TV.

What you need to know about Intimacy Directors, Choreographers, and Coordinators - they not only stage/choreography intimacy, they may work with the following people. Actors, the Director, Producers, Costumes/Wadrobe, Fight/Stunt Director/Coordinator, Props, etc.

An Intimay Consultant is NOT involved with ANY choreography. They may be hired to write Audition notices, audition forms, script review, advice about intimacy, etc.

Staged Intimacy Professional is the umbrella term used to cover ALL of these titles. It's not one we would use to be credited by. It's mainly used to distinguish us from Intimacy Profesionals that work with follks on personal and sexual relationships outside of the performing arts.

(Personal note - trust me, I and many others I know have had people ask us if we can help with their personal relationships.)

Profesional Note - The title we use is important it reflects our involvement in the production. This is not for our ego, but for legal reasons. It's important to be clear what your role is in a production to credited properly.