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    About Amelia

    Philosophy: In the realm of storytelling, intimacy is a powerful tool that demands respect, sensitivity, and expertise. I believe in fostering an environment where actors can explore and express themselves authentically, ensuring that the narrative unfolds with emotional depth and artistic integrity. My approach is rooted in collaboration, communication, and the well-being of all those involved.


    Services: As an Intimacy Director and Intimacy Coordinator, I work closely with directors and actors to choreograph scenes that authentically convey the emotional nuances of the narrative.


    My role extends to creating a safe and respectful space on set, implementing guidelines, and facilitating open communication among the cast and crew.


    Training: I have 100+ hours training in Intimacy Direction and Coordination, continually updating my skills to align with industry best practices. Committed to the well-being of performers, I adhere to a comprehensive code of ethics that prioritizes consent, communication, and professionalism.


    Collaborations: Having collaborated with a diverse range of productions, from stage to screen, I bring a wealth of experience in navigating the unique challenges of each project. Whether it's a theatrical performance, film, or television production, I am dedicated to elevating the storytelling experience through thoughtful and responsible handling of intimate content.

    Join me on a journey where storytelling and intimacy intersect, creating narratives that resonate authentically with audiences. Together, let's bring your vision to life with the utmost professionalism, creativity, and respect for the craft.

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    Acting Coach Amelia