• Intimacy Director & Intimacy Coordinator

    What I Do

    As an Intimacy Director and Intimacy Coordinator, I'm the person who choreographs the moments of intimacy within the production. My job is to help bring the Director's vision to life while working within the boundaries set by all the Actors involved.


    My Process

    1.) Read the script and meet with the Director. My first meeting with the Director happens prior to taking on any job to review the production, their vision, and determine my involvement. This way it can be determined by both parties if I'm a good fit.


    Once I'm hired I connect with the Actors 1:1 to review their boundaries, the needs and asks of the script, and what we can do.


    At the first rehearsal or the day of the film shoot I check-in with the Actors. We review the script and choreography before we proceed.


    A note I like Directors and Actors to be aware of - boundaries are fluid and can change at any time. Boundaries for one particular scene can be different for another. As an Intimacy Director I give the Actors placeholders to help them be able to rehearse the moments of intimacy until tech week and the performances.


    • Consent and Boundaries
    • Non-Consent (Between Characters)
    • Complex Consent (Between Characters)
    • Solo Intimacy
    • Working with Groups/Polyamory
    • Power Play
    • Emotional Intimacy
    • Physical and Sexual Contact/Touch
    • Outercourse
    • Intercourse
    • Dress and Undress
    • Nudity (Partial and Full)
    • Nudity Riders
    • Modesty & Barriers
    • Working with Minors
    • View my Intimacy Director/Coordinator Resume here.
  • Intimacy Coordinator Kit

    I bring with me to set a wide range of tools in my Intimacy Coordinator Kit to support the Actors depending on the needs of the scenes being filmed.