• What is a Theatrical Intimacy Director?

    As a Theatrical Intimacy Director, I'm the person who choreographs the moments of intimacy within the production. My job is to help bring the Director's vision to life while working within the boundaries set by all the Actors involved.


    I like to meet with the Director prior to taking on any job to review the production, their vision, and determine my involvement. During my first rehearsal I like to take the Actors through a series exercises to explore their individual boundaries.


    A note I like Directors and Actors to be aware of - boundaries are fluid and can change at any time. Boundaries for one particular scene can be different for another. As an Intimacy Director I give the Actors placeholders to help them be able to rehearse the moments of intimacy until tech week and the performances.


    All Intimacy directors come with a wide range of skills, knowledge, and experience. This can be through education, certification, and degrees. Each Intimacy Director has their own specialization. No two Intimacy Director’s are like.

    What I specialize in -

    I specialize in the following -


    Intimate Consent,

    Physical and Sexual Contact


    Working with Minors


    I have a Master of Arts and a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre with an emphasis in Acting. As an Actor and an Acting Educator I look to the moments of storytelling through both the lens of the Director, but also the Actor telling it.


    I use my skills and knowledge to use desexualized language to choreograph moments of intimacy that is accessible to the Actors, Director, and Stage Management to be easily used without me always being present.


    I have been continuously taking courses and workshops in Theatrical Intimacy since 2019. I made my Intimacy Directing debut in the spring of 2022 with Poudre High Schools production of "Romeo and Juliet."


    I want everyone involved to feel confident and excited about the work they do within the moments of intimacy on the stage.

  • Work with Me

    Contact me here if you'd like to discuss how I may help bring better practices to your next show.


    My rates vary depending on the needs of your production. You can set up a free 30 minute call to discuss your production needs and working with me on your show.

  • Intimacy Director Questions

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