• Intimacy Coordinator

    Coordinating & Consulations 

    What is an Intimacy Coordinator?

    As an Intimacy Coordinator, I'm the person who choreographs the moments of intimacy within the production. My job is to help bring the Director's vision to life while working within the boundaries set by all the Actors involved.


    I like to meet with the Director prior to taking on any job to review the script, their vision, and determine my involvement. Together we review the script, make notes of what will be filmed, when, and how will be on set during these moments.


    From there I meet with the Actors via Zoom or in person to review their boundaries, and what will be filmed. I am then able to share these notses with the Director and production staff.


    A note I like Directors and Actors to be aware of - boundaries are fluid and can change at any time. Boundaries for one particular scene can be different for another. As an Intimacy Coordinator, I give the Actors placeholders to help them be able to rehearse the moments of intimacy until it's time for the camera to roll.


    Consent and Boundaries

    Non-Consent (Between Characters)

    Emotional Intimacy

    Physical and Sexual Contact/Touch

    Dress and Undress

    Nudity (Partial and Full)

    Working with Barriers/Skin Tape

    Working with Minors

    Intimacy Coordinator Consultations

    Pre-Production Prep

    Intimacy Notes for Audition Notices

    Pre-Audition Meeting with Actors*


    *Highly recommended for shows involving minors and to include parents/guardians.

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