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    What Can a Cultural Sensivity Consultant Do?

    A Sensitivity Consultant is someone hired by a theatre company or film producer who to advise on topics that may, but are not limiteto race, gender, sexuality, trauma, violence, religion, disablity, etc. that may be included in a script.


    This includes script consultations, planning meetings and/or workshops aimed at preparing team members to think about the needs of the scene and those working on it. Consultations are meant to educate theatre makers and filmmakers to give them tools to work on scenes safely.


    A Sensivity Consultant might also recommend hiring other qualified professionals depending on the needs of the story, or support the Actors involved. 


    NOTE - The first use of Cultural Sensitivity Consultants was used and created by Ann C. James.
  • Cultural Sensivity Consultation Services

    • Script Review
    • Audition Breakdown
    • Audition Forms
    • Content Disclosures
    • DEI / Race
    • Gender / Sexuality
    • LGBTQIA+
    • Religion
    • Time Period (Shows)
    • Power Dynamics
    • Costumes / Sets / Lights