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I own three different lights when it comes to self-tapes.  

The first one I purchased was a very inexpensive portable one from Amazon. I came across the QUIAYA Selfie Light. I decided on this intially because I really liked that it's small, clips easily onto my smartphone or tablet, and it's rechargable. 

In the begining of building The Morse Actors Studio, I didn't have much money, and I need something inexpensive, and small. I wasn't ready to run out and purchase a ring light.  I was hesistant to buy something I didn't know much about.

The downside is that it's Cool Light only.  I prefer lights that offer the Warm and Cool option - bonus if you can mix them.  I found one of those and it's NOT a ring light.  So, keep reading.

This one I have mixed emotions on - it has only three settings for intensity.  There's not way to adjust it up or down for what you need.  1, 2, 3 and that's it! 

The small light is a bit intense if you have it clipped around or close to the camera or in your line of sight.  So, I'd recommend clipping it to the opposite side of where you'll be looking.

In a pinch though, it's great to take with me when I travel and don't want to take my more expensive Glamcor lights.

There is a newer version of this light and it comes with a tripod stand.  It also has Cool, Warm, and Warm Yellow settings.  You can check it out here. I don't own this one, so I'm not familiar with it.


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 My journey with Glamcor.  I stumbled onto these lights by following Maria Kang, the "No Excuses Mom" on Instagram.  I saw her using these lights and immdiately fell in love with them.

I knew I wanted a better quality light, but a ring light wasn't something I liked because the same complaints many people have - they're hard on your eyes.  I have heard people talk about getting a second tripod for your smartphone or tablet and placing the ring light behind or higher above.  That's not a bad idea, BUT if you're on a budget or limited with your space, that's not going to work.

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I LOVE this lighting system.  The lights are adjustable, the middle where it holds my phone or tablet can be adjusted as well.  These lights are mostly marketed to estheticians and beauty bloggers, but I have found they're perfect for Actors too!

I can mix the Cool and Warm Lights, and adjust the intensity.  These lights come with a bluetooth remote you can hook your smartphone or tablet to. They also include a device to hold you smartphone.  You have to get the tablet/ipad holder on their website, but it's worth it! If you're someone that uses a digital camera, I have a hack for you to help with that.

I use this tripod to hold my external mic, but it works great for digital cameras too.  I wrap mine about the top of the square base control setting on my Glamcor Lights.  (I'll share more on those items in my next blog.)

Now, I do use and own an actual ring light.  It's also made by Glamcor - The Gallelio Ring Light.

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I primarly use this light by my desk when I work with my students and clients via Zoom with The Morse Actors Studio or I'm taking classes/workshops myself via Zoom.

I chose to use it for this purpose because it works really well sitting up higher on the opposite side of me and higher.  I can be seen clearly by those I'm on Zoom with.  I did try using it for self-tapes and making Instagram Reels, but I found it didn't work well for what *I* need.  I strongly prefer my Glamcor Multimedia Lights because the functions on them get the best look for when I'm self-taping, making Instagram Reels, YouTube videos, etc.

While the Glamcor lights are more expense compared to other ring lights and light systems, they are worth it in my opinoin.  I don't own any other lighting equipment.

If you have a small space, are looking for something minimal, and travels well, you can't beat these lights I've talked about.  They're easy to use and the Glamcor Lights come with quality carrying cases to travel with.

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