"Big Magic" = Big Change in My Life

"If you can’t learn to travel comfortably alongside your fear, then you’ll never be able to go anywhere interesting or do anything interesting." - Elizabeth Gilbert "Big Magic"

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In 2019 I was listening to a podcast and this book kept being brought up.  The guests were all asked what was the book that changed their life and several of them said "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert.  (Yes, "Eat, Pray, Love" Elizabeth Gilbert. Stay with me on this.)

I was skeptical, but because it kept being gushed over by these people, I decided to get a copy for my Kindle.  I figured if I didnt' like it after 3 days, I'd return it and move on.  Actually the opposite happened - it changed my life.

I read it at the end of 2019, months before the world made huge shift that impacted us all.  I struggled in 2020 with my business, but I learned a LOT.  I didn't give up.  I started paying attention to "big magic" aka the ideas that would come to me or things I'd be inspired by.  I did't want to lose them, so I'd jot them down in my planners. When the ideas became more detailed and specific, I got a notebook.  

Everyone works differently, so I'd encourage you to find what works best for you in regards to tracking your thoughts and ideas.  For me it's been a paper notebook and a pen.  I choose to use a pen because it makes me slow down.  I'm intentional about what I write down.  I also date each page so I can keep track of when I got my ideas. I review my notebook almost daily too.

When I was studying to become an Actor, I hated journaling.  When I became a teacher, I knew my students would feel the same way, so I created them journal prompts.  The reason I'm sharing this part is because again, we all learn differently.  I don't want you to become fustrated if you read this book and wonder why the ideas don't just come rushing in.  It takes time, but it also takes us to find how big magic will come to us.  You may find it reading other books, being around other Actors in a class, going to see a show, or simply sitting and meditating on your thoughts.  Whatever helsp you, grab it and continue to let big magic speak to you through it.

Now, do I don't belive in this as a deity or a god.  I'm a religious person myself.  I see it more as method to find inspiration and grow personally as a creative individual.  You will find for yourself what this means to you and how it can help you.  I do encourage you to read it or listent to it, whatever your preference is, and let it help you grow as an Actor.

If you've read the book already or you've come back to this blog after reading it, tell me what you thought.  What's your biggest takeaway from this book?

Link to book "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert.

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